Westland Land

Westland is a 420-acre land tract located 10 miles west of Athens, Georgia near the intersection of State Road 53 and U.S. Highway 78. The Property consists of 253 acres of partially developed residential and commercial land and a 167-acre forested area designated as a preservation area. The property borders the Apalachee River and includes 8 streams and associated wetlands within the preservation area.

Westland Land Venture

Property Info

Location: Athens, GA
Property Type: Zoned Residential and Commercial Land
Land Area
420 Acres
Approved Density
380 Residential Units, 26 Acres Commercial
Mitigation Bank
76,000 Stream Credits, 58 Wetland Credits
Date Acquired: 12/2007

1067 Westland Ct

1067 Westland Ct, Statham, GA 30666, USA

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